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BEAUTYQUEST - Kulwant S. Bhangoo, MD, FRCS, FICS, writes:

Because of it's unique characteristics, myHQ+ patients benefit from the continued use of the product. The simplicity of the GLY+ peels have made it an effective regimen for professional use alone or incorporated with other treatments. The


Cynergy Company has given excellent customer service... and we have used Cynergy Products in all our medispas and skin care centers and find them to be highly effective.



Dallas Medical Skin Care Clinic - A. Jay Burns, MD, Director, & Sandra Adams, Coordinator writes:  

"I wanted to write and let you know how well your product, HQ+™ skin lightening cream, has been received by our patients.  Dealing with hyperpigmentation and sun damage is an important part of our practice.  In the past, the skin lighteners gave us problems with an unpleasant scent as well as the consistency.  This problem has been solved thanks to HQ+™.  The formulations with and without AHA have produced reduction in pigment in a timely manner.  In particular, the milder formulation with Bearberry is an integral part of our post laser skin care program beginning approximately 14 days out.  It provides added moisture and works well in post micro-dermabrasion as well.

I highly recommend this product to my clients.  This line has been a great addition to our program."  



Lugenis Center for Aesthetic Medicine - Lourdes M. Page, MD, writes:

"We have used Cynergy Hydroquinone products for many years and have been greatly satisfied with the results.  HQ AHA and HQ Bearberry have been great in treating patients with melasma and hyperpigmentation.

The Cynergy products are well-tolerated and we appreciate the flexibility in having a product line which can be used in sensitive skin patients.

The products are affordable as well as effective.  Our patients are happy with their skin after using HQ products and we are, too."



Lawrence Bass, MD, Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, writes:  

"I have been using Cynergy products for my patients for more than five years.  I recommend them because of the purity and simplicity of the products.  This allows me to provide a focused, therapeutic effect without worrying about cross-reactivity with a host of unnecessary additives.  I have had flawless support and service from Cynergy as well.  They provide a quality product at a real world price"

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